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"The best narrators disappear as you listen. The voice blends so smoothly with the story as the actor skillfully creates characters, manages emotions and paces drama that the listener no longer notices she is being read to. Megan Tusing accomplishes just this in Catherine Lacey's second novel, "The Answers." "The Answers" is an unusual story that should strain credulity, but the fullness of Lacey's main character and the grace of her writing makes the truly bizarre in this novel feel normal. The narrator is every bit as convincing." 

- Chicago Tribune, THE ANSWERS by Catherine Lacey

"Tusing brings a childlike voice to each story element...She also captures the incredulous voice of Magnolia's teacher in just the right tone. Tusing's leisurely pace leaves time for young readers to inspect the illustrations in the accompanying book." 

- Audiofile Magazine, IF YOU EVER WANT TO BRING AN ALLIGATOR TO SCHOOL, DON'T! by Elise Parsley 

"Tusing's delivery emphasizes the youthful naïveté of rebellious younger sister Nomi, who is dangerously out of her depth after Viridia's powerful heir chooses her to become one of his beautiful, submissive Graces....Amid a fast-moving mix of fantasy and dystopian plot elements,...emotive performances keep listeners engaged all the way to the cliff-hanger ending." 

- Audiofile Magazine, GRACE & FURY by Tracy Banghart 

"Tusing employs a Texas twang, which initially seems overdone but turns out to be a good match for the colorful phrases and dropped consonants of Rainy's dialogue....Tusing reveals Rainy's hidden vulnerability as she pushes back against her growing relationship with Guy,...Other male characters--the handsome town veterinarian, the aggressive stepson of the murdered horsewoman, the old-boy farrier threatened by competition from Rainy--are rendered with just enough personality to differentiate them."

- Audiofile Magazine, THE CLINCHER by Lisa Preston