the joyful toolkit

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Did you ever have an experience that you thought you would never get through: A divorce, the passing of a loved one, losing your home, a pandemic? 

The last one put me in a tailspin.  I couldn't find my footing, or my connection to joy, no matter how hard I tried.  I couldn't even get out of bed!  Knowing, I didn't want to reside in this exhaustive place, I did what any one does who has storytelling as their vocation.  I sought inspiration from stories.  People were willing to have a conversation with me and talk about their hardships and how they came out on the other side. Thus, the Joyful Toolkit Podcast was born.

In this podcast, I speak to people who share their experiences and how they created a relationship with joy.   Are you ready to find your joy? Let's walk this path together.


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