Written by Paul Cameron Hardy, Directed by RJ Tolan* Featuring J.Stephen Brantley, RJ Brown, Hollye Hudson, Eric T. Miller, Jennifer Tsay, and Megan Tusing


“MOPE’s sex talk and nudity aren’t what shock; the way it exposes our society’s just-below-the-surface fury is what truly jolts.” –Time Out New York

“Director R.J. Tolan brutally stages a scene in which Trevor is completely naked while porn star Krystal Kross (a fierce and exacting Megan Tusing) berates him on set. He is exposed and vulnerable as she delivers a diatribe calibrated to shred everything Trevor holds as evidence of his manhood (including his literal manhood). No matter how justified Krystal’s disgust is, it is impossible not to feel for Trevor in this moment.” – TheaterMania

“…Megan Tusing as “Krystal Kross”, whose savage scene serves as the lit match for the bundle of dynamite which is the aforementioned climax. The promise of “nudity and extreme adult content” may initially entice people to see Mope… but the dramatic effect of this hard-hitting, bold piece will stay with the audience long after the money shot.” – Huffington Post